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itti bitti Finalist for Best Modern Cloth Nappy Award

( A mum’s design for small bub leads to global success In 2005 a New Zealand mum, based in Australia, had no choice but to design a new nappy for her tiny daughter. She looked at what was available on the market at the time and quickly came to the conclusion that there was nothing she could buy that would meet her needs for her child. Disposables were definitely out of the equation as she had a background in natural therapies and cared for the environment. So she looked at what was available in cloth nappies but all the designs were either not practical due to her daughter’s small size or looked unattractive to her discerning eye. That mum was Sue McLachlan and her tiny daughter, Maia, was the inspiration for her design; so she named the brand “itti bitti”.

Being the founder, designer, manufacturer, customer service and warehouse person, it was pretty hard in the early days especially being a mum of two children. But as the demand for the product grew, and sales grew as well, Sue finally had the resources to build a business around her. The business moved from her house into a warehouse and her dedicated staff came into the picture (many are still there to this day). Sue’s dream was fulfilled as she designed a nappy that was much trimmer than anything else on the market. The slim crotch and high cut shape of the nappy suits all baby shapes, with a super snug fit made them truly as tiny as a disposable. The low rise meant a fantastic fit under clothes as well. All nappies were designed with luxurious, soft, waterproof minkee fabrics in a rainbow of colour choices. Under the itti bitti brand are the trademarked labels of the ultra absorbent “bitti boo”, the ultra trim, fitted “bitti d’lish” and the new one size fits all “bitti tutto” with its patented “poo fence”. All labels offering unique benefits to consumers.

As with many businesses today, the first sales came from the internet and as one delighted mum received her fluffy mail of itti bitti nappies word of mouth kicked in and others mothers were told of the great quality and design of itti bitti. This word of mouth now runs through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, mum’s networks and yes, even nappy networks are now on-line. Sales grew in Australia into mainstream retail outlets. Internet demand started coming from overseas so Sue ventured over to Europe and set up distribution for her products. Sales have grown globally and now the products are sold in Australia, NZ, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai and soon be released in Japan and the U.S.A.

If you ask Sue she will tell you that the itti bitti story is only beginning; she has a passion for growing the industry and getting the message out to consumers and retailers about why parents should buy cloth over disposables. With benefits to the environment, massive cost advantages to the consumer, more comfort for both mother and baby and the ability to make a true fashion statement; the trend will only keep growing for modern cloth nappies now and well into the future.

“We are thrilled to have been recognised in the OhBaby! awards for the best modern cloth nappy” says Karyn Cray, distributor of itti bitti New Zealand. “When we first started selling itti bitti here Sue was still running the business from her home. It is amazing to see how far she has come today!”.

To nominate please go to the link below. Voting will close on the 28th January 2011, with the winners being announced on the 14th February 2011.

All voters will be in to win fabulous prizes as well as a $5 voucher off new OhBaby subscriptions.

Media Release 21 January 2011 from Itti Bitti.



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