New generation of environmentally friendly consumers

( The new generation of New Zealand’s babies and toddlers are using environmentally sound products before they can even walk, with a recent spike in popularity for cloth nappies.

The number of New Zealand families choosing cloth nappies for their newborns has substantially increased in recent years with the development of advanced, affordable and attractive designs.

Using cloth nappies for one child’s time in nappies can save as much as two tonnes of waste from entering landfills, lessening the effect that hard-to-break-down disposable nappies has on the environment for years to come, Environmental Consultant Chantal Parslow explains.

“Disposable does not mean decomposable – this is something that is often overlooked by families when choosing products for their babies,”

“With the average newborn using as many as 15 nappies per day, making an environmentally conscious decision about the nappies you use can have a huge impact on the environment”

“A great deal of a person’s environmental attitude and behaviour stems from what is impressed upon them while they are young, and starting your child in cloth nappies is a huge step toward encouraging ongoing environmental responsibility,” she said.

Cloth nappies have come a long way in recent years, now offering families a wide range of colour, style, size and material options, says owner of modern cloth nappy brand ones&twos, Sue McLachlan.

“Gone are the days when cloth nappies were cumbersome white squares that were ill fitting and hard to manage,”

“Modern cloth nappies are designed to fit just like a disposable nappy – making putting pants on over them easy,” said Sue.

Media Release on 25 February 2012 by ones&twos.

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