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New ebook ‘How to be happy in cold water’ runs hot

( Water sport enthusiasts everywhere will be excited to know that pursuing their passion has just got easier. Seventhwave Wetsuits, an ever informative company based in Christchurch, New Zealand, have just published an ebook outlining all the ways to be happy in cold water.

Written to assist those whose struggle with the disadvantages of cooler waters, or those who feel cold in any waters, the 25 page ebook, ‘How to be happy in cold water: Wetsuit information guide’, contains useful tips and techniques to maximize their water time and warmth. Covering the construction and materials of different wetsuits, custom versus off the rack fittings, choosing the right accessories, and staying warm after your session, ‘How to be happy in cold water’ shares tried-and-true winter rituals to make winter surfing less painful.

“We’re excited about the release of our first ebook,” says Paul Zarifeh from Seventhwave. “After 25 years of providing wetsuit solutions in the coldest of waters, it’s fantastic to be able to boil down all that knowledge into one accessible ebook.” Zarifeh believes water sport enthusiasts don’t have to be hardy to enjoy cold water, they just need to be armed with the right knowledge. “We know that some of the best conditions for stoke often take place in cooler waters, so we designed the ebook to ensure anyone can benefit from the experiences explained in it,” notes Zarifeh.

For example, factors that can that determine how cold the water is for you include wind and weather conditions on the day, and your own physical condition or stamina. The human body operates best at 37ºC (98ºF) and if it gets any lower than this then you’d best prepare for mild hyperthermia. The first signs are cold hands, feet and then shivering. To prevent such cold-water blues, ‘How to be happy in cold water’ signposts three major factors to consider for cold waters: the type of neoprene used in a wetsuit (limestone or oil-based), the construction method of the wetsuit (breathable or sealed seams), and the most important factor, how well the wetsuit fits the wearer.

“From surfing and sailing, to kayaking, kiteboarding or canyoning, this ebook will help participants make the right choices to stay warm in their chosen passion,” says Zarifeh.

The ebook is available as a free download from the Seventhwave website.

Seventhwave Wetsuits is a New Zealand company dedicated to custom-fit, high performance wetsuits for water-sport enthusiasts, made exclusively from Yamamoto limestone neoprene. 100% New Zealand owned and operated, Seventhwave has been providing specialised wetsuit solutions for people since 1987. Surfing in New Zealand is a major sport and players of all ages frequent its amazing beaches throughout the North and South Islands. Seventhwave’s manufacturing plant and headquarters are based in Bromley, Christchurch—the cold water temperatures of the South Island is their testing ground.

Media Release on 26 September 2012 by Seventhwave Wetsuits

Paul Zarifeh, Seventhwave Wetsuits
Phone: 03 3847878



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