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Talk of the Town – Organ Donation

( This weekend ‘Have the Talk’ will be encouraging people in the Hamilton CBD to “have the talk” about their wishes on organ donation. Volunteers from the campaign will be handing out flyers and information with the intention of dispelling myths about organ donation.

Over the past two weeks, volunteers have been handing out flyers that bust several myths about organ donation. Campaign volunteer, Lauren Hall, says that “there are several truths people need to know about organ donation.” The main message being that having ‘donor’ on a driver’s license is only an indication of personal choice, as the family of a patient is always consulted.

The campaign’s research has shown that over 50 percent of Hamilton residents aged between 18 and 25 were unaware that they needed to tell their loved ones their wishes on organ donation. Hall explains that “by not sharing their wishes, these people may put unnecessary stress on their families if something were to happen.”

The Have the Talk presence on the streets has received positive feedback. People have been very responsive and supportive of the campaign. Hall expressed that Have the Talk are very excited for the upcoming weekend and another chance to share their message with the public.

The Have the Talk campaign also has a presence on Facebook. Some people have had their photos posted on the Have the Talk page, serving as a pledge to “have the talk” about organ donation.

Media Release 25 September 2012.



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