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Remuera Gallery Exhibition of Gennie de Lange

( Gennie de Lange has been developing a unique glazing technique for over 40 years.

Working on unglazed terracotta she paints many layers of glazes. The colours are matt pastels before being fired in a kiln for three days. After firing, the tones and colours are completely transformed. Some glazes are transparent, some opaque, all are difficult to apply evenly and some react unfavourably when they are near each other. Gennie has discovered by endlessly experimenting how to handle them to their greatest advantage.

There is a very painterly feel to the finished works despite the ceramic methods which have been used. The glaze effects are rich, luminous and complex, with a jewel-like quality. They can be placed in a bright light and are impervious to water. The paintings can even be hung outside the house and in the bathroom! This technique is now very rare because suitable earthenware tiles and glazes are almost unobtainable.

“So much happens in a day, a year, a lifetime. During the hours of darkness. I try to unravel memories, dreams and thoughts”- Gennie de Lange

Remuera Gallery proudly presents “Night Thoughts”, a solo exhibition of ceramic paintings by Gennie de Lange.

Opening : September 12th- 26, 2015



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