2020 General Election to Include Cannabis Referendum

As you head to the polling booth and vote for your political party candidates of choice in 2020, you’ll also see another slip of paper with boxes to tick. Alongside choosing who you want to lead the country, you also get to decide, with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, whether you wish to legalise cannabis. 

The 2020 Cannabis Referendum will be a game changer for all those who choose to smoke or consume cannabis. If the potentially binding referendum gets the public endorsement, cannabis smokers will be able to use and purchase it as long as they are 21 years or older. 

Legislation would also include sales from licenced premises, consumption at that premises or on private property, limited home growing, and a ban on all cannabis product advertising. 

Greenstone Dispensary spokesperson Cody Peneamene believes the referendum is a sign that the country is moving in the right direction. 

“Businesses who sell rolling papers, dabware, glass products, and other smoking supplies target their products to smokers, but it means that they can now specify the correct materials for those products’ use. The future looks exciting for the cannabis industry.” 

For now, businesses can sell pipes, papers, and other accessories, but they cannot specify whether they are for cannabis use or not. The referendum is in a draft stage and is expected to be ready by the end of 2019 or early 2020. 

About Greenstone Dispensary 
Greenstone Dispensary is New Zealand’s first dispensary store, stocking an exquisite range of glass, vapes, e-liquids, cleaning supplies, papers, and more. Greenstone is a Dunedin-based brick and mortar store with an online shop for you to purchase all manner of equipment and accessories. 

Media Release on 4 June 2019

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