New E-Liquid Brand to Closely Mimic Cigarettes

While those with a sweet tooth relish in the opportunity to vape cotton candy, vanilla, or cola, others prefer the more natural taste of tobacco. Up until now, opportunities to accurately simulate the cigarette smoking experience have been few and far between. Ultimately, the failure to get as close to the real deal has meant some cigarette smokers struggle to make the transition. 

Fortunately, Ode by Aotearoa Vape Solutions has now released a range of e-liquids and Stratus Pods that accurately depict the flavours of natural tobacco leaves. Luce and Arbores are two new additions to the E-Liquids online store.

Ode Arbores is a medium and rich e-liquid that mimics tailor-made cigarettes. It’s aromatic with earthy notes and strays away from artificial flavours and sweeteners. The natural extraction process for the e-liquid makes it more akin to tailor-made cigarettes than many other products on the market. It’s available in nicotine salt form in three, six, 12, and 30mg. 

Ode Luce, on the other hand, is a Virginia-style e-liquid which is golden, light, and boasts hints of the sun-cured leaf. Luce is full-bodied, rich, and with a slightly bitter taste to suit the most discerning smoker’s palate. It, too, comes in three, six, 12, and 30mg nicotine salt varieties. 

E-Liquids NZ spokesperson Cody Peneamene says the new range is promising for those who are struggling to quit smoking. 

“Research is slowly starting to show that vaping products are far safer than cigarettes. But the lack of flavours has meant not everyone who wants to quit can quit – not everyone wants to inhale vanilla.” 

“Now, we’re offering that choice. You can choose your sweet flavours, but you can also enjoy that tobacco flavour you have been used to.” 

The full range of Ode products is available now for purchase. Head to to find out more. 

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Media Release on 4 June 2019

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