ABC Business Sales Use Online Documents Signing

( Earlier this year, ABC Business Sales (ABC) has transformed its customer sales process with the introduction of signing Confidential Agreements online on their website. ABC is New Zealand’s leading business sales company. First established in 1986, ABC has built a team of highly skilled, multi-lingual professionals dedicated to getting the best results for their clients.

When ABC engaged Secured Signing, they were looking for a solution to improve their staff efficiency and turn around time for customers. For each new inquiry, their brokers need to manually send out the Confidential agreements first before any further discussions. This meant more administrative work for their brokers, lengthening the sales process. ABC were looking for a solution that could ensure Confidential Agreements were signed before the lead was sent to the broker, removing this action from the broker completely and freeing them up to spend more time with buyers. “The feedback from our brokers and customers has been very positive. We’ve been able to roll out a clear, consistent, customer focused and compliant process across the country with this technology” said Steve Smith, CEO of ABC Business Sales.”

Secured Signing were able to deliver a simple solution that ticked all the boxes whilst ensuring ABC met their compliance requirements. Now, an interested buyer signs the Confidential Agreement online by simply clicking a link on the business listing page on the website. They enter their basic information and sign with a PKI Digital Signature that is secure and legally binding.

Part of the solution was developing an integration with ABC’s Customer Management System – Property Suite. This means a new customer lead was automatically created, the signed Confidential Agreement saved there, and a task assigned to the business broker to initiate contact. Property Suite is a complete real estate management software toolset.

Since implementing the new process, ABC has seen significant improvements to their customer experience for buyers, better use of time for their brokers who are no longer sending and chasing agreements to be signed and of course compliance management ensuring all required documents are completed on time and stored in the right place.
“We are pleased that Secured Signing Digital Signature platform is helping ABC business to focus on core activity and less on paperwork, said Mike Eyal the founder and Managing Director of Secured Signing. “Automating the signing process combined with Property Suite CRM is a great achievement of efficiency while moving to full trusted online process”.

Media Release 6 December 2018.