An Epic Ride for NZ Kids

( Leticia Crampton from Christchurch is an incredibly inspiring person. She is small business owner of Discover 24, Total Fitness and Nutrition, and distributor of Herbalife Nutrition who has set herself an amazing goal. The goal is not just for herself but for Kids of New Zealand too, riding 840km, in 6 days in the blazing heat.

Only a few months ago she had little to no cycling experience. In fact the last time she was on a bike was when she was in high school, but that didn’t stop her signing up for The Herbalife Family Foundation annual charity ride, cycling from Melbourne to Adelaide, 840kms over 6 days in the Australian heat of January. (Possible temperatures of up to 45 degrees). Despite being a novice, she is already topping the club training leader boards doing over 450kms in one week.

Her trainer and co-rider Steven Provis initially asked her to be support crew for the ride but while completing the application forms she thought to herself, “Hey I can do this, right?” and so set about applying and training.

She is giving up 20 hours of her working week to train for the epic race and is raising money for Starship Hospital NZ. 100% of the funds she raises will go directly to Starship hospitals NZ, thanks to Casa Herbalife. The flagship Casa Herbalife Program provides over $2.3 million in funding and volunteer assistance each year to more than 100 organizations worldwide. When you donate, you can be assured that your contribution will help people and communities in need. They are a non-profit organisation and Herbalife pays 100 precent of HFF administrative costs.

In 2014 5 riders and 2 crews raised $15,000.
In 2015 19 riders 10 crew raised $49,000.
And in 2016 29 riders 19 crew raised $103,000.
The goal this year $200,000.

Leticia‘s personal goal is to raise of $5,000 of this $200,000 for Starship Hospital NZ. So far she has raised $1,800 ($1,500 of this is her own money). As well as donating her own funds, she is taking 20 hours out of her working week to train for the event, which is no small fete for a small business owner. With only 9 people ever completing all sections of the ride and she is putting in the training to be the 10th in the hope to raise as much as possible for at risk Kiwi kids.

The local community in Christchurch so far has been generous and strong in helping get the fundraiser going. Cycle Surgery St Martins, donating the bike and riding equipment, and Anna Dungey Physio @ Les Mills donating all other essential cycling equipment.

Leticia is looking for sponsorship (small or large) to help raise as much as possible, to help as many kiwi kids as possible. Get on board this epic journey.