Wash Rite Wellington donating services to Earthquake Victims

(PR.co.nz) Wash Rite Wellington has stepped up and is offering free house washes to homes effected by mudslide’s which occurred during the previous earthquakes.

Local business owners Tim and Baylee Beale have stepped up and have offered free house washes to residents in the Whitby area who’s houses where covered in Mud during a mudslide in the December 8th earth quake.

One Whitby resident Hannah Caitlin posted pictures showing utter devastation with her house covered in mud from the earthquake’s and to compile the situation her partner is away serving in the New Zealand defense force, and upon seeing the photo’s Tim from Wash Rite Wellington offered Hannah a free house wash to get her house back to looking its best.

On December 9th Wash Rite Wellington sent its crews around to Hannah’s house and set to work to clear the mud from the house and get the house back looking its best. After many many hours of hard work the Wash Rite Wellington crews got the mud cleared and the house shining and looking fantastic.

Upon Hannah’s return that afternoon from work she was absolutely blown away by the work carried out by the Wash Rite Wellington crew. She than posted a great recommendation

“ One company I owe a HUGE thank you to is Wash Rite Wellington. They offered to come and clean the outside of the house for free after I had the slip dug out. The other night I came home after a massive day at work and I literally stopped dead in my tracks because of what a beautiful job they did. I’m still getting back on track with the house, there’s a lot to do; but it’s people like this who make difficult things in the world so much better. Thank you so much Tim and Baylee, you’ve no idea how much what you’ve done meant to me. If any of you are looking for a service that they can offer, please go see these guys – Karma needs to pay them a visit this Christmas”

Wash Rite Wellington would also like to extend the offer to any other house hold effected by landslides caused by the earthquakes that if they could use the services that Wash Rite offer they would happily like to donate there service’s to you and your family.

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Media Release 12 December 2016.