Odd Jobs and Casual Labour

(PR.co.nz) Not just businesses that can advertise vacancies, and not just businesses that can advertise their services. Normal people with normal jobs can advertise their requirements, name their price and wait for a service or a person to contact them.

Local people can also offer their skills and/or availibility to work and potential employers can contact them, so if someone is only considering to have a job done, there are tradespersons and employers out there ready and willing.

anOddJob is aimed at the odd job and casual labor market to finish those incomplete tasks or fill in the gaps.

This extends to local recruitment agencies offering local temporary/seasonal work. If there’s a job that needs doing, no matter how simple or bizarre, it can be listed on anOddJob.

An innovative way to get the jobs done, earn cash, and get back on track without breaking the bank.

Registration is free, and for less than $1.00 to advertise a job, there’s no better time to employ. So whether it’s a job that isn’t finished or project that hasn’t yet started, find the right people on anOddJob.

Finally, no more cowboys! with a feedback system, anOddJob offers the opportunity to place feedback about both, the employee and the employer, acting as references for future work.

Media Release 7 May 2011 from anOddJob.