Can women really have their cake and eat it when it comes to work life balance?

( Make way for the SHE Economy and the rise of the female entrepreneur!

Can women really have their cake and eat it when it comes to work life balance?

For the modern woman the demands of managing full time employment with a busy family and a healthy lifestyle can seem near on impossible. Those who aspire to have both a successful career and a balanced family life often feel dogged by high stress levels, strained family relationships, feelings of guilt and an unhealthy lifestyle that places their own health and fitness at the bottom of a long list of priorities. For many, the belief that women can ‘have it all’ has proven to be a frustrating myth, simply adding to the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves as we go about our daily lives.

However women in New Zealand and around the world are refusing to accept that it has to be this way – and fortunately for those who aren’t prepared to give up on the work life balance dream, exciting possibilities are starting to arise.

Last year’s Intuit 2020 Report predicted that work-life balance will soon no longer be a myth as we start to use the wide range of modern tools and technology we have available to invest in our communities and families. The report also found that social connectivity, wireless networks, mobile communications and computing devices are “redefining the boundaries of presence and location, affording entrepreneurs the flexibility to do business virtually anywhere”.

The great news? It looks like women are going to be at the forefront of this change.

It is predicted that in the next 10 years one billion women will be contributing to the world economy as a result of these developments. Many of these women opt out of conventional careers because they have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to forge their own path, while others strike out on their own because they feel they have no other option if they want the freedom to balance work and life.

Technological advances are not only making it easier for women to strike out on their own but they are also making it cheaper. The evolving systems and software significantly reduce the cost (and therefore the risk) of setting up and running a small business.

Kiwi entrepreneurs Janine Ogg and Jo Foster of Love Your Small Business are an example of how this trend is playing out in New Zealand and are ensuring women around the world are keeping up with these developments. Their company – – shows women how they can achieve financial freedom and work/life balance for themselves through entrepreneurism. In addition, Janine and Jo have prioritised work life balance for themselves. As Love Your Small Business has evolved, they have developed a hybrid model that combines online technology with offline progammes to ensure they can deliver quality programmes to clients around the world while still enjoying their own family relationships and balanced, healthy lives.

In the spirit of showing women that we can have our cake and eat it too, Love Your Small Business are hosting an online event for women.

The Profit with Purpose Telesummit provides free access to expert information for women, no matter what their means or what stage of business they are in, and is an example of how women can use online technology in business. The summit brings together 10 experts from around the world to share expert advice and inspiration with women entrepreneurs. Commencing on May 16th, Janine and Jo will interview experts including owners of highly successful business, among them ex Fortune 500 executive and author Maria Gamb. Overall, the intention is to connect women entrepreneurs (budding and established) with the tools, resources and expert information they need to boost their business, and achieve financial freedom and work/life balance.

And when the message is all about how you can create a profitable business in a purposeful way, engaging with emerging technologies is on the list of topics. Among other things, the telesummit will explore how to use social media and free PR to boost business, tips for systematising your business, how you can have fun creating a meaningful business plan, stress management techniques and how to practice inspired leadership and generate a mindset of success!

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