Auckland Airport to Review death of Aviation Security Service Dog

( Auckland Airport has announced that it will carry out its own review of the events surrounding yesterday’s death of Aviation Security Service dog Grizz.

The event was difficult for the whole airport team, particularly for the agencies and staff who tried to do everything they could to capture the dog. Everyone involved in airport operations understands how important working dogs are to the safe and secure operation of airports.

The Emergency Operations Centre team, which includes representatives of the border agencies, airlines, ground handlers and New Zealand Police, made their difficult decision only after they exhausted all the viable options available to them.

We understand and acknowledge the strong community response to the decision, and our thoughts continue to be first and foremost with the Aviation Security Service dog handler, his colleagues, and all those who were involved in yesterday’s events.

Auckland Airport will be conducting its own review of the events and will liaise closely with the Aviation Security Service, which is also conducting a review.