Kiwi Celebs Help to Change Fortunes of Abandoned Kiwi Canines

( Two of New Zealand’s favourite TV celebs are on board to help give abandoned dogs a second chance, thanks to The Pedigree Adoption Drive Charitable Trust.

Outrageous Fortune stars Nicole Whippy and Tammy Davis adopted canines from the RNZSPCA last year, two from more than 11,000* dogs abandoned by their Kiwi owners each year.

The Pedigree Adoption Drive Charitable Trust is part of a global programme established by Pedigree to help raise awareness and funds for desperate dogs in local communities, helping to house, feed and care for the unwanted canines.

Animal-lover Nicole Whippy adopted Poppy, a Staffordshire Terrier Cross, from the RNZSPCA in 2009.

“My family has always adopted dogs from the SPCA and it all began with my grandmother who would take in strays when we were young,” Nicole says.

“I grew up thinking that taking in stray dogs was just what you did; it’s what my grandma did, what my mum did and when I was old enough and responsible to look after a dog, it’s what I did.

“I can only hope to pass on this dedication and passion for saving rescued dogs to my soon-to-be one year old daughter,” she says.

Whippy’s Outrageous Fortune co-star Tammy Davis, whose character ‘Munter’ is a Kiwi favourite, adopted Splash, a Bitzah, and says he has been a wonderful addition to the family who everyone adores.
“When we went to adopt a dog from the SPCA in Mangere, Splash really stood out to us because he was the quietest of the bunch – he dreams all the time and makes cute puppy noises,” says Davis.

“Splash has been just the greatest companion for me and my family. There are so many pups and dogs abandoned or given up each year and I think before you spend lots of money on pure breeds, you should think about giving a home to a dog that might need one a lot more.”

The 2009 Pedigree Adoption Drive was a significant success, raising more than $50,000 for numerous dog charities in its inaugural year, including the RNZSPCA, German Shepherd Rescue Trust, The Animal Shelter, KP Rescue & Rehoming, Hounds 4 Homes and CDANZ Charitable Trust.

Testament to its reputation as a cause that truly makes a difference, the US Pedigree Adoption Drive has secured American Idol sweetheart Carrie Underwood as the face of their international campaign.

“I can’t imagine life without my dog, Ace. I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life,” she says.

“They’re such sweet and gentle souls that love you just because you love them back. That’s why I’m really excited about the opportunity to partner with The Pedigree Adoption Drive to help get other people involved in this important cause. Showing your support is easy; just become a fan; help a dog.”

Pedigree® Marketing Manager Oliver Downs says the return of the campaign is a brilliant result for a company that is focussed on the wellbeing and contentment of dogs.

“At Pedigree we believe every dog deserves love, good food and a good home. Our company mantra “we’re for dogs” is something we’re proud of. The Pedigree Adoption Drive Charitable Trust does a brilliant job in assisting us to look after the animals we love. On top of helping drive donations for the RNZSPCA, our ultimate goal is to again increase the number of adoptions taking place.”

Each time you buy a Pedigree product between 1 June and 31 July 2010, Pedigree will donate a portion of every sale to The Pedigree Adoption Drive Charitable Trust to help care for New Zealand’s unloved and unwanted dogs.

For more information or to find out how to donate or adopt a dog of your own, visit

Media Release 13 July 2010 from Impact PR.