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New Business Offers Better Website Results

( Paul Therond, Visionary Leader at Auckland 4FRONT, eMarketing experts, says “This is a great way to get people engaged in your website. You normally have about 8 seconds to capture the viewer’s interest… this type of video is new and engaging and generally extends the attention timeframe up to 30 seconds or more”

“There are so many websites and it’s increasingly challenging for businesses to find ways of engaging viewers to deliver results from their websites.” says John de Vere, Director of Personal-Web-Presenter “ Personal-Web-Presenter videos immediately attract attention, giving you precious extra seconds to tell your story and direct the viewer’s actions” says John.

Companies have different objectives for their websites. Building trust, directing actions, explaining products and services, or providing online help, are some of the areas in which Personal-Web-Presenter videos can be of benefit.

While the business is located in Auckland, companies anywhere in the world can have a Personal-Web-Presenter video made and emailed within a day. “The process is very simple, and we’ve fine-tuned the quality, files sizes, and processes.” says John “Email us the script, choose your presenter, and we can email the files back to you within a day”.

Matt O’Dea, Director of Auckland-based Graphic Café, a leading web design and production business, says “We are very interested in this service as a means of helping to make our client’s websites become more effective business tools”.

As part of the development of the Personal-Web-Presenter business, John de Vere has set up a high definition, broadcast quality, green-screen video studio, with excellent sound dynamics. “We don’t have interruptions to filming caused by trucks or airplanes that many other studios in Auckland suffer from” says John.

Other styles of web video available are – ‘Virtual Location’ and ‘On Location’. Virtual Location is filmed to a green screen and the presenter is edited onto a background of photos, video, or computer graphics to establish a setting that can otherwise be very costly to film on an actual location. On Location is standard filming on site, which John is highly experienced at.

You can find out more online at or call John de Vere on (09) 415 9292.

Media Release 14 July 2010 from Personal Web Presenter.



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