Auckland-based referral agency Urban Care partners up with ACC to better serve the Kiwi community

AUCKLAND, NZ — “We all have seen and heard about the struggles of an injured person. It’s devastating to see them get through life’s most difficult obstacles. Such tragic accidents leave people injured and incapable of doing things”, says the CEO of Urban Care.

Urban Care soon realized that must help serve fellow Kiwis whose injuries prevent carrying on with daily household tasks such as cleaning and taking care of the elderly and children.

Urban Care, is a smart and easy-to-use referral agency platform that connects people looking for household services including domestic cleaning, caregiving, and babysitting. The agency is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated connecting local New Zealand residents to the consumer market.

The company recently partnered up with ACC to give assistance for those injured in their daily lives as they recover from your injuries.

Aside from helping injured people with ACC claims, the company launched the partnership to provide local Kiwis with support services, childcare, and domestic cleaning jobs. As mentioned by the owner, they are looking forward to helping both the injured and those whose jobs are greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CEO of Urban Care shares, “Our goal is to make things simple and quick for our users. We aim to let them get the services they need at their fingertips.” Rahul Bhandari adds that booking takes only 3 simple steps: apply, contact, and book. It typically takes 24 hours to settle everything.

As a parting message, the owner of Urban Care humbly expresses, “If you are injured, get ACC’s help and let Urban Care assist you in other aspects of your life. You have our dedication to serving you.” The company is exhilarated for establishing a new partnership with a large organization in serving Kiwis. With this, they are looking into expanding their reach all throughout New Zealand⁠—Touching more lives, helping more people find jobs, and enhancing comfort in those experiencing discomfort.

For concerned individuals, you can now use your ACC claim to book a support service with Urban Care here. Included are services from professional support workers, childcare, and domestic cleaning. Urban Care will use an injured person’s claim policy to coordinate with ACC. Payment for the service will be processed by ACC using the claim.

About Urban Care
Urban Care is a smart and easy-to-use platform that connects people looking for household services with trusted and reliable experts. The mobile-enabled and website-enabled application has brought customers more close to us putting the world in a more comfort zone through innovation. The platform is easy to use, and customers can schedule a professional nanny, caregiver, and cleaner within a couple of minutes. Their valuable services are available throughout Auckland.

About ACC
ACC is a Crown entity. It’s governed by a Board that is responsible to the Minister for ACC. The company’s vision is to create a unique partnership with every New Zealander, improving their quality of life by minimizing the incidence and impact of an injury in their lives.

They cater to the health, rehabilitation, and service providers who help people who are injured, the businesses, vehicle owners, and workers who contribute to the Scheme, and any New Zealander or visitor to New Zealand who’s injured in an accident.

Media Release on 28 July 2020

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Helenea, Urban Care
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