Supercity Property Services Sustainable Measures


Supercity Property Services, an Auckland-based maintenance company, has announced a series of measures to combat the current water crises in the city. The new approach completely eliminates the company’s reliance on potable water sources, while still offering a complete catalog of residential and commercial property maintenance services, at no extra charge.

In May, the Auckland Council put into effect water restrictions that included the use of potable water for essential cleaning services only. This has severely affected water blasting and cleaning businesses, including Supercity Property Services. “We were just emerging from the Covid-19 crisis, and it felt like we were handed a death sentence with the new restrictions,” Murray Robertson, co-owner and Director of Supercity Property Services, said. “This has affected business and profit, but we are determined to move forward. We want to be a part of the solution, and we have changed how we work to support water conservation efforts.”

Here is a list of things Supercity Property Services is doing:
• The company has bought braked trailers and 1000-liter capacity water tanks to hold non-potable water as approved by Watercare and Auckland Council.
• It will bear the expenses for water cartage; this charge won’t be passed on to the customers.
• Disinfecting and cleaning of buildings and surfaces for all essential services, schools, aged care facilities, early childhood centers, and the food and medical industry will be carried out without any disruptions.
• Customers can volunteer the use of the water or retention tanks on their property that collect rain water for the cleaning services. However, if for any reason the customer declines to allow the use of this water, Supercity Property Services will drive out with its own tanks.

“Earlier, Supercity Property Services relied on the use of potable water for its outdoor cleaning services. Now, we are working closely with customers to determine the most sustainable and practical approach while still offering top quality services,” Mr. Robertson said. Non-potable water comes from rain, rivers, or bore water that is collected, but not filtered to drink. The water is not sourced from Auckland dams and can be used for cleaning purposes. The restrictions were imposed after Auckland experienced the driest four months of the year which severely affected dam levels.

About Supercity Property Services: Supercity Property Services is a locally-owned property maintenance company. Established in 1987, the company has emerged as one of the largest maintenance providers in the Auckland region, offering a full range of services for residential and commercial property owners. With over 30 years of experience, Supercity Property Services has established itself as a trustworthy business forging long-lasting relationships and offering superior services.


Media Release 27 July 2020.