Brothel Licence Declined for Brazilian Motel in Glenfield

( A waiver application for a brothel at 3 Parity Place in Glenfield was turned down by a North Shore City Council sub-committee today after a dispensation hearing held at Council.

The waiver application was in relation to a Brazilian Motel, which already holds a resource consent to operate as a short stay motel. The motel required a waiver under the North Shore City Bylaw 2000 in order to operate as a brothel, due to it being within 250 metres of a residential area.

A sub-committee of the Council’s Regulatory Committee, made up of Councillors Callum Blair (Chair), Kevin Schwass and Margaret Miles, today heard from a number of residents and representatives of business owners in the area, who voiced their views on the application for a dispensation of the bylaw.

Councillor Blair says the main reason the application was declined was due to the motel breaching the 250 metre rule in terms of proximity to a residential area.

“The sub-committee unanimously agreed that preserving the integrity of the 250 metre separation between brothels and residential areas, as stated in our North Shore City Bylaw 2000, would be of benefit to the community.

“The committee is also of the view that a brothel at 3 Parity Place could have an adverse affect on the amenity of residents within 250 metres of the proposed brothel.

“Due to the applicant already having a valid resource consent to operate as a motel, the committee also considered the applicant will be not be hugely inconvenienced due to this waiver being declined. The property is still able to operate as a motel and the applicants have agreed that Council will monitor the activities of the motel as necessary,” says Councillor Blair.

The decision relates directly to Part 25 of the North Shore City Bylaw 2000, clause 25.3.1.

Media Release 23 April 2010 from North Shore City Council.
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