Carpet Cleaners Auckland – Top, What's Next?

( The Search Engine Optimisation work that SearchMasters have done for AA Carpet Cleaning have got them top of Google for their most heavily trafficked phrases – Carpet Cleaners Auckland and Carpet Cleaning Auckland. But top is never enough. What is the next thing that can be done.

Currently the second result on Google is a Trade Me listing of a competitor. While AA Carpet Cleaning has a Trade Me listing for their business, their listing is not the one shown. Often Google will show several pages from the same domain, and often you see several listings from Trade Me. But as at the writing of this article, there is no other Trade Me listing in the top 30 for the search phrases.

When you are trying to get a page on another website ranked for a search phrase, and you are competing against another page on that same website, it becomes a binary in/out competition. You get your page more powerful and you rank. The competitor gets their page more powerful and you cease ranking at all, you don’t just go down one place as in the SEO of your own website.

Trade Me is a very powerful website, and we are finding that properly Search Engine Optimised services listings on Trade Me are able to rank top ten on for a good number of phrases. You determine the most popular relevant search phrases for a business, include those words in the title and content of the Trade Me listing, link into it from a number of places, and then you generally rank well from it.

Your own website gets no direct ranking benefit from the listing, as the website link from the listing is no-follow, and is also only able to be seen when logged in as a Trade Me user.

But having a Trade Me listing showing top 10 on Google for one of your main search phrases means that you knock out a competitor from the top ten. First place on Google can get by one SlingshotSEO study 18% of the search traffic, and second place can get 10%. Getting a second place listing in addition to the first place listing could have a significant increase in exposure for the business.

This strategy is possible with listings on and as well as other listings websites. However we have found that Trade Me listings are one of the easiest to get ranked high.

See the AA Carpet Cleaning Trade Me listing at

Media Release on 8 November 2013 by AA Carpet Cleaning

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