Connect NZ Celebrates 50,000th Xero Conversion

Driven by their need to adapt to the “new normal,” New Zealand businesses are increasingly moving to the cloud. According to Global Newswire, the international cloud computing market is expected to grow from USD 371 Billion to USD8 32 billion over the next four years.

“For accounting professionals in particular, enabling clients to access quality data from anywhere has increasingly become a priority, hence the uptick in the number of Xero migration projects we’ve seen this year,” says Account and services manager Barry White.

“A lot of firms who have been putting it off due to time or cost are finding that they really can’t put it off any longer. Making matters more urgent is the closure of Banklink an older technology bank data transfer software requiring firms to upgrade. Connect is helping these businesses get it done quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently, and we even have the capacity to perform migration work while people are away on Christmas holiday, to minimise business interruption.”

Xero’s portability and versatility has made it popular among Connect NZ’s clients: It can be accessed remotely using any browser or device, negating the need to install software. Data is stored remotely on secure servers, which reduces IT operating costs while protecting businesses from data loss and cyber attacks, another growing industry concern, as evidenced by attacks on New Zealand’s stock exchange earlier this year.

With 800 fully trained accountants on staff, Connect NZ’s migration specialists are uniquely qualified to manage the Xero conversion process seamlessly, freeing their clients to focus their efforts on more profitable areas such as advisory services, consulting, and new business development.

“We’re very pleased to have 50,000 Xero migrations under our belt and look forward to doing 50,000 more!” says Barry. “All you need to do is arrange for a remote login for the Connect team to enter your systems, and we take it from there.”

About Connect NZ
Connect NZ is a multinational outsourced accountancy practice with offices in New Zealand, Australia and Mohali. A Xero strategic partner, we specialise in compliance work, including annual financial reports and GST returns. Connect NZ employs over 800 trained accountants.
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Media Release on 8 December 2020

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