Wise Advice and BeProfit Join Forces to Empower eCommerce Businesses with Virtual CFO Services, Boosting Profitability and Growth

AUCKLAND, NZ – Wise Advice, a leading accounting firm specialising in commerce accounting and business advisory, has announced a partnership with BeProfit, an innovative profit analysis software provider, to offer a full Virtual CFO service to eCommerce businesses.

The new service will provide eCommerce businesses with the opportunity to have access to experienced financial professionals who can help them streamline their financial processes, increase profitability, and drive growth.

“We’re excited to partner with BeProfit to offer Virtual CFO services to eCommerce businesses,” said Brad Golchin, Managing Director of Wise Advice. “Our team of accounting and financial experts is well-equipped to provide valuable financial advice and support to eCommerce businesses, and this partnership will enable us to do so more efficiently and effectively.”

BeProfit is a profit analytics software provider that empowers eCommerce businesses to optimize for profit first; the platform allows merchants to track and analyze their financial data in real time in order to constantly identify profit drivers and optimize their bottom line. BeProfit integrates with leading eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce, to provide businesses with a comprehensive view of their financial performance, including ready-to-use dashboards for drilling down and optimizing their profitability from orders, marketing initiatives and specific areas of their business such as shipping, fulfillment, discounts, returns, gateway fees, and more.

Through this partnership, Wise Advice will offer a range of Virtual CFO services, including financial modeling, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow management, and financial reporting. The services will be delivered using BeProfit’s innovative profit analytics software, which provides real-time insights into financial data and enables businesses to spot what’s eating their profit, and take actions to reduce costs and boost margins.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wise Advice to help eCommerce businesses release their profit potential and seize every opportunity for profit,” said Eden Amirav,
Co-Founder and CEO of BeProfit. “Our software is designed to provide eCommerce businesses with the tools they need to discover their true profit and uncover what’s eating their margins; the expertise of Wise Advice’s team will only enhance the value of our offering.”

The partnership between Wise Advice and BeProfit comes at a time of an economic recession, where there’s a great deal of uncertainty and change for eCommerce sellers, who are in great need of a solution to help them understand their true profit, reduce costs and optimize for profitability, which is critical to their survival. With the Virtual CFO services offered through this partnership, eCommerce businesses can gain access to the financial expertise they need to compete for eCommerce success.

For more information about Wise Advice and the Virtual CFO services it offers in partnership with BeProfit, please visit www.wiseadvice.co.nz.

Media Release on 26 May 2023

Media Contact
Brad Golchin, Wise Advice