Bolsters Creative Ranks with Cleopatra & Santa Claus

DARFIELD, NZ — Creativity, long believed to be a uniquely human trait, is being redefined by, the world’s first AI-powered advertising agency. This trailblazing Kiwi company is stirring up the creative industry with an innovative approach – using artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between human imagination and computational creativity.’s fresh strategy features an easy-to-use brainstorming game powered by AI. Users can build their own brainstorming team with any characters they want, real or fictional, such as Cleopatra or even Santa Claus, making the creative process more dynamic and engaging.

“AI is no longer just a tool; it’s becoming a creative partner,” says founder Damon of strongly believes in the potential of AI to rival human creativity. With their AI-powered brainstorming game, they are not just predicting a future where AI plays a central role in creative industries — they are actively shaping it.

As they continue to challenge the creative status quo, invites everyone — from business owners to aspiring creatives — to experience the new frontier of AI-powered creativity.


Launched in January 2023, is the world’s first AI-powered ad agency. Based in New Zealand, the company is committed to pushing the boundaries of AI creativity. Their unique brainstorming game offers an interactive and fun way to engage with the creative process, revolutionising the world of advertising.

Media Release on 18 May 2023

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