Smart Engage: Revolutionising Patient Engagement with Microsoft Azure Health Bot conversational AI

Smart Engage utilises advanced conversational AI and intelligent virtual agents to provide seamless, empathetic interactions with patients across multiple channels, including SMS, chat, phone, social media, and intelligent avatars. By offering a customised avatar, Smart Engage enables healthcare providers to personify their brand while delivering highly engaging patient experiences.

The platform’s intuitive design ensures that patients receive accurate, real-time information about services, procedures, locations, hours of operation, and pricing. In addition, Smart Engage supports over 40 languages, making it accessible to diverse patient populations.

Healthcare providers can expect significant improvements in patient engagement and booking completion rates with Smart Engage. Compared to traditional online forms, the platform has demonstrated a remarkable 150% increase in booking completions. This, in turn, leads to higher clinic revenues and greater patient satisfaction.

“Our innovative Smart Engage platform, backed by Microsoft Health Bot, revolutionises patient interactions, fostering better healthcare experiences and greater satisfaction”
— Dr Peter Catt, CEO, Replikr

Smart Engage covers the entire patient journey, from enrolment and preventive care to appointment reminders, procedure preparation, and post-procedure feedback. Moreover, Smart Engage can be easily integrated with clinical systems, including EHR, PMS, and RIS, using FHIR-compliant APIs or Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Healthcare providers using Smart Engage can anticipate a 50% reduction in cost-to-serve, a 20% increase in customer satisfaction, and a 15% increase in customer acquisition.

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Media Release on 27 April 2023

Media Contact
Dr Peter Catt, Replikr Technologies