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Derby Day Out – Skate Rattle & Roll

( This event promises to deliver all the usual fast, action-paced excitement that Roller Derby is famous for. The crowd will be treated to a furious combination of speed, theatricality and full contact blows.

Amongst the teams are a number of skaters who have been chosen for the New Zealand Roller Derby Team who will be skating in the first Roller Derby World Cup in Canada in December.

2010 winners Carnage Academy will be skating hard to retain the Tequila Mockingbird Cup against fellow league teams, the Filthy Habits and the Cell Block Brawlers.

Dead End Derby, like many sports organizations in Christchurch, have been hit hard with the recent Christchurch Earthquakes. Quake damage to Cowles Stadium has forced them to relocate training to Rolleston until it is repaired or alternative training facilities become available.

Roller Derby is one of the worlds fastest growing female sports of which there are now over 20 leagues in New Zealand.

Roller Derby is a fast paced sport, on specialised roller derby quad skates. Teams of 5 take each other on for a 2 minute ‘jam’, where points are scored by the ‘Jammer’ who needs to get around the track, getting past as many ‘Blockers’ from the oppositions team as possible within the 2 minute jam. The Blockers from each team assist their own jammer through the ‘Pack’ and try to stop the other jammer by booty blocking, hip and shoulder checking them out of the way!

A non-profit organization, Dead End Derby will be donating a percentage of all ticket sales towards their chosen charity for 2011, Cholmondeley Childrens Charity.

Tickets are from $15 and are now on sale through Ticketek.

Media Release 15 August 2011.



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