Dunedin Recycled Art Competition

(PR.co.nz) Keep Dunedin Beautiful, in conjunction with DCC Events and the Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival is hosting ‘Recyclia’ on the ground floor of the Dunedin Public Library from Monday 12 July to Thursday 15 July.

‘Recyclia’ is an art/environmental competition where children aged 18 and under, either as individuals or in groups, have made ‘masterpieces’ from recycled or re-usable materials in the form of sculptures or wall-hangings.

The creations will be judged on Tuesday afternoon with the winners informed at the prizegiving on Thursday at 3:30pm. There will also be a People’s Choice winner which is always hotly contested. This year there are more than 60 entries.

Media Release 9 July 2010 from Dunedin City Council.