E-scooter Pickup Service to Support Mechanics


With the plunge back into Alert Level 3 in Auckland, mechanics have quickly felt the impact of customers not wanting to leave their house. Despite workshops having implemented contactless measures and having the green light to operate from the government, customers aren’t walking in the door anymore. You can see this in the most recent WoF report, inspections are falling back to near level 4 volumes, which are an indicator of general repair work.

“Over 120 local mechanics are working with ​My Auto Shop​ around the country who are feeling this impact, and we want to do what we can to help. Fortunately, we have a couple of ways to help in this period of pain.” said founder Andy Bowie.
With customer’s clearly unwilling to leave the house, My Auto Shop has made their E-Scooter powered pick up and drop off solution free nationwide. This means customers can have a driver partner, armed with their own fleet of folding E-Scooters come and pick up a car and get it sorted at a time when it’s not needed, without needing to leave the house. Drivers have contactless methods in place, such as using disposable seat covers, gloves and sanitizing spray, as well as masks. “Having completed over a hundred pick up and drop offs in the last couple of months, we think now is a great time to offer the service to customers, and hopefully enable more traffic into local workshops around the country”

Online payments are also a necessary requirement to ensure contactless service and many mechanics don’t have the infrastructure to collect these. In fact 17% of workshops don’t even have a website. My Auto Shop has made their service commission free during this time of hardship, to allow garages to utilize the online payment portal. “We hope this enables mechanics to collect full payment for jobs, without needing to have customers step foot in a workshop”

Media Release 22 August 2020.