Repair of Earthquake Damaged Christchurch City Council Pools

( Swimming pools at QEII, Pioneer and Centennial Recreation and Sport Centres will undergo repair work this year to correct damage caused by the September earthquake.

John Filsell, Council Recreation and Sports Unit Manager says while the repair work is essential, safety and minimum disruption to customers is a top priority.

“We’re fortunate that the pools weren’t affected too badly; however there is damage that needs to be repaired and the only way we can do this is to drain the pools.

“Unfortunately it’s not a job that can be done overnight. The repairs have been scheduled to include routine maintenance and we anticipate each pool being complete and back to business as usual within about four weeks.”

Mr Filsell says the damage doesn’t affect current pool use or safety of pool users and customers can continue to use the pools in the usual way, until each temporary closure.

“By only closing one pool at a time, we will ensure there will always be alternative pools and swim services available to our customers.”

Those signed up to a pool membership at Pioneer and Centennial will have the option to either extend their membership for the duration of the pool closures or to switch to a multi-membership while the work is carried out. QEII will only close one pool at a time and alternative swim spaces will be provided in the remaining pools to accommodate each closure.

Customers are advised that the repair work will only affect pool activity and that all other non-water based activities and fitness classes will continue to operate as normal.

The 2011 closure dates are as follows:


* Atlantis leisure pool: closes (5 pm) 6 February – reopens 7 March
* 50m international pool: closes (5 pm) 10 April – reopens 16 May
* The Atlantis teaching pool: closes 2 May – reopens 9 May
* Dive Well: closes 16 May – reopens 17 June


* Leisure pool, 25 m pool, spa, sauna and steam room: closes 4 July – reopens 1 August


* Leisure pool, 25 m pool, spa, sauna and steam room: closes 25 September – reopens 24 October

“We understand this will cause some disruption to our customers and welcome anyone who is concerned about where to swim while their regular pool is closed, to get in touch and we will help advise of the best temporary alternative,” says Mr Filsell.

Media Release 20 January 2011 from Christchurch City Council.