Entrepreneur launches Business Club

(PR.co.nz) Debra Chantry has weathered many a storm as an entrepreneur. With her latest project – The Common – she’s determined to support other business owners to succeed.

The Common occupies a beautiful heritage building in the heart of Parnell. For a monthly fee, members join an exclusive business club and entrepreneur’s playground where they have access to a coworking space, meeting rooms, cafe, bar, workshops, and other world-class amenities.

But the Common is so much more than just a coworking space. Recognising that entrepreneurs struggle with asking for help, the goal of The Common is to create a community of like-minded businesses. Here, connections are facilitated through a Community Relationship Manager, monthly events and online learning increase skills, and business owners work and play together in a unique space.

“Kiwi businesses are the backbone of this country,” explains The Common founder, Debra Chantry. “But the support networks don’t promote long-term relationships. I wanted to bring entrepreneurs together to share their expertise and lift each other up. The Common was born.”

Debra – a Ventell business-coach and board advisor – knows firsthand the importance of support and community. “Ten years ago I ran a web development agency. I thought I was running it successfully, until the day I called the receivers in. I felt like a failure. It was the worst time of my life.

“I realised I’d ended up in this situation because I’d tried to go it alone. I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off, and by the time I was ready to ask for help, it was too late.”

Debra developed the idea for The Common through the Entrepreneur’s Association Accelerator programme. Her dream is a true creative hub where entrepreneurs can get the support they need and enjoy themselves at the same time. “We want to bring the fun back into business, which is why we’ve created business club around the idea of an ‘entrepreneur’s playground.’”

This sense of fun extends into The Common’s design. When members aren’t working or socialising, they can enjoy darts, Wii, board games, and a Porsche 911 S Cabriolet slot car set in the games area.

With creators, leaders, disruptors, and business owners already flocking to join, The Common promises to be a source of new and innovative ideas. Membership to The Common is heavily curated, with strict criteria to ensure members adhere to the same core values and will bring new skills and ways of thinking to the community.

“The Common is not just a physical space for work and play – it’s a nurturing business community made up of people on a mission to change the world.”

If you’d like to learn more about what The Common can offer your business and book your free tour, call 0800 332 007 or visit: https://thecommon.co.nz/contact/.

Media Release 10 August 2017.