EROAD and Disruptive Unicorns Event Campaign


EROAD and Disruptive Unicorns launches a new event campaign for the telematics technology industry on October 20th through to November 22nd, starting in EROAD’s headquartered country New Zealand.

EROAD Vision, a first of its kind for EROAD, is an interactive technology event and global product launch, set to engage the telematics industry across fleet management, road safety and asset management.

EROAD were looking for an agency partner that had creative, customer acquisition and event management experience to bring together an event that would not only serve as a product launch, but also to engage customers and friends in an interactive experience.

“The age of COVID-19 has brought great changes to the way that we engage with our customers, and with that has come great opportunities. EROAD Vision offers us an opportunity to engage with a wider part of our customer, prospect, and supplier base than we would normally be able to with in-person events. We are excited to be sharing our story in this way” says Genevieve Tearle, Chief Marketing Officer, EROAD

The campaign is the first time EROAD is launching a global product update and it is expected to be the biggest virtual industry event of 2020 in New Zealand. EROAD will showcase exciting new product launches, feature customers and industry experts on topics such as improving driver safety and share the direction EROAD will take for 2021. A specially built interactive event platform will allow attendees to ask questions, win prizes, and engage with EROAD experts throughout the event.

“Disruptive Unicorns are thrilled to be supporting EROAD on their first ever global technology product event! This telematics technology leader is carving waves in the modern transport and assets industry. We are very proud to work with the incredible team at EROAD led by Genevieve Tearle, Global CMO for EROAD” said Angela Farrelly MCIM and Founder of Disruptive Unicorns.

This first of its kind technology product launch for EROAD, is carving their name as a world class New Zealand company, pioneering road safety in the telematics industry.


Media Release 8 October 2020.