Fahey Fence Hire achieves carboNZero certification

(PR.co.nz) Fahey Fence Hire (2010) Ltd announced today that their organisation has been re-certified under the world leading carboNZero certification programme by Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited of New Zealand. This milestone marks the fourth year of Fahey Fence Hire’s commitment to environmental leadership, assuring customers with the most robust and credible evidence that their efforts to manage, reduce and offset carbon emissions for their organisation are effective and credible.

For Fahey Fence Hire “Amid intensifying environmental pressures worldwide, being carboNZero certified allows us to be ahead of the game in our industry when it comes to environmental management. We want our customers to know that we aren’t just making baseless claims of being clean and green: we have been certified, we have the evidence and we are proud to show it. Our customers can now rest-assured that not only are they getting the best quality of service when they choose us, but also they are also doing the right thing for the environment”, said Mark Quinn, Managing Director.

After going through Enviro-Mark Solutions’ thorough process of measuring and assessing Fahey Fence Hire’s GHG emissions, an emissions management plan and reduction targets have been developed with a range of projects being implemented to achieve these goals. Among other projects, Fahey Fence Hire are now utilising a bespoke job management system which allows them to choose better and more efficient routes when driving, in a bid to reduce their fuel consumption which accounts for 81% of their carbon footprint. They are also slowly replacing older vehicles with newer and more fuel economical versions.

Enviro-Mark Solutions CEO, Dr Ann Smith praises Fahey Fence Hire’s commitment to being part of a low carbon economy. “For there to be a real change in the way business is done we need companies to stand up and demonstrate their commitment to a more sustainable future. Fahey Fence Hire is now actively involved in monitoring and reporting its carbon impacts and we look forward to seeing the difference they can make. I would personally like to pass on my congratulations and look forward to Fahey Fence Hire’s carbon reductions.

Media Release 30 March 2017.