Fanffick releases EP of failed pop songs, tried her best though

( “I wanted to write for K-Pop, but they told me I was ‘too indie’”, says Fanfickk, rolling down a grassy hill on New Year’s Eve. “So I started writing and producing for myself instead”.

After some major label interest that culminated in a series of unreturned emails and sad glances at the computer screen, Fanfickk braved the music industry tumbleweeds to self-finance her first EP, “Stay Shy”. The four-song EP is being digitally released on February 2, 2016, and physically released probably never. “I ran out of money”, says Fanfickk, hiding in a neighbour’s fridge with a can of Signature Range tomatoes.

Two of the songs on the EP, “Shreds” and “Where You Are”, briefly occupied the Number 1 spot on the Cheese On Toast Top 10 in early 2015. “Yeah, I forced all my online friends to vote for me”, Fanfickk admits, shedding a single tear while making yet another booking at the cat cafe. These two songs, along with new additions “Your Promises” and the title song “Stay Shy”, were newly mixed at The Lab by Jol Mulholland, a man with too many Ls in his name. “I can’t remember exactly what I did”, he says, cosplaying as a pirate, “but it sounds cool”.

When Fanfickk realised she couldn’t draw well enough or badly enough to make anything of note, she enlisted the help of artists from around the world to put the final touches on the EP. Josan Gonzalez, a Spanish illustrator, alchemist and grand maker of pizza, created the cover art for “Stay Shy”. A singalong music video for “Shreds”, featuring the melancholic pixel art of Norwegian artist Faxdoc, accompanies the EP’s release.

Media Release on 3 February 2016 by Fanfickk

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