Focus on sales engagement over immediate sales results says local GM

( Focus on sales engagement over immediate sales results says local GM.

Group General Manager of Alsco New Zealand, Mark Roberts, argues that a true steer towards an organizational ‘sales behaviour’ requires a focus on measuring employees current market engagement activities, rather than immediate past (sales) results.

“Past results, we know that already,” said Roberts, speaking as part of this year’s Leaders Review, Focus Points series, featured online and through various series’ promotions broadcast on TVNZ1. “We don’t focus a lot on what’s in the rear-vision mirror,” argues Roberts.

“We (ask) instead, questions like, how much time have (employees) spent in the marketplace this month? …What were the key customers contacts (made)?”

The key, advances Roberts, is a fine-tooth analysis around various, agreed market engagement activities and how they would be approached in the coming month, steering employee focus away from immediate sales or financial results.

Roberts’ comments follow a previous Leaders Review short-video where he outlined the need for organizations and leadership to more consciously ‘choose’ a sales behaviour.

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Media Release on 15 March 2017

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