Former Prime Minister Backs Charity

( Helen Clark, former Prime Minister, currently Administrator of the United Nations Development Program and muted to be the next and first female United Nations General Secretary after Ban ki Moon, took time out of her busy international schedule for a private meeting with Rotarian Adrian Brewer, CEO of the Isle of Wight based International charity The RoTB Trust.

Amongst the many subjects discussed in relation to the situation in various parts of the world were the sanitation and water problems for nearly 3 billion people, varying from not having any facilities and supply at all, to the difficulties for women and children having to collect water in inadequate dirty containers from distances as far as 10 miles from their homes.

Today and everyday women in South Africa walk the equivalent of 16 times to the moon and back just to collect enough water for their families. (WHO)

Helen Clark, reputed by Forbes magazine to be the 20th most powerful woman in the world, offered to advance the use of the Rotary Water Barrel through agencies of the UN which the ROTB Trust already supply independently to numerous communities around the world.

‘The importance of women and children having sufficient clean potable water and adequate sanitation cannot be over emphasised, it affects their health, education and general well being.’ said Helen Clark. ‘We need to work together, the NGO’s, agencies. charities and governments to ensure sustainable avenues of aid to improve the health and welfare of women and children around the world.’

‘In the 21st century water and sanitation must be the moral imperative if we are ever to help those communities lift themselves out of incomprehensible poverty.’ added Adrian Brewer. ‘to prevent disease and improve infant mortality, they need sustainable solutions, not just handouts.’

Adrian and Helen are expecting to meet up again to review the situation and how the RoTB Trust can become part of the solution.

Media Release 31 January 2014.