Free Remote Working Help for NZ Businesses

(  Transformative is a Kiwi-owned digital transformation and technology leader, delivering “Business Changing Ideas + Technology” for organisations large and small throughout New Zealand and overseas. For the past nine years, the company’s business practice has been for all of its 20 employees working from home on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.

“Nine years ago, we originally initiated Wednesday/Thursday work-from-home as a way for the company’s then three member staff to balance the demands of growing a start-up. Over the years, it has become a hallmark of our culture, a way to ‘live our values’ of sustainability, and a significant contribution to our ability to recruit and retain talented staff,” says Tim Clark, a Transformative co-founder.

With a desire to give back to the New Zealand business community, the company is now offering lessons from its own experience, free of charge, in the form of a one-hour videochat with some of our leadership team.

Katie Te Nahu Owen, co-founder of Transformative says, “As a long-time employer of many talented work-from-home team members, we’ve learned a few things along the way – we’ve crystallised our experience into a one-hour workshop, designed to enable business leaders with specific actions to facilitate the low-proximity and work-from-home work models which have become increasingly necessary.”

Business leaders are encouraged to sign up for the no-cost workshop at

Media Release 30 March 2020.