5 Tips When Hiring a Rural Fence Contractor


Here are five factors you should consider when hiring a rural fencing contractor:

1. References/Word of Mouth

An excellent way to narrow down your list of potential fencing contractors is to seek out references or even better—word of mouth recommendations from neighbours or your local timber yard. Social media sites like Facebook can also be a good source of customer feedback.

2. Availability

A good fencing contractor is never short of work, so be a little wary of anyone who says they’re available immediately. Often smaller jobs can be carried out within short time frames, but larger projects generally require some forward planning. For this reason, it pays to start talking to potential contractors a month or two in advance.

3. Materials/Equipment/Workmanship

A quote that comes in much lower than the others can often indicate the contractor is using inferior materials. This is a false economy when it comes to fencing as the labour costs to rectify a failed fence will outweigh any initial savings on materials. Look for contractors who provide quality materials, the right machinery and a high level of craftsmanship.

4. Past work

References are handy, but nothing beats a close-up inspection of the contractor’s past work. If possible, see if you can inspect a recently completed fencing job that is similar in style and construction to your project.

5. Price
Gathering several quotes is always a good idea to get a gauge on costs for labour and materials. While the price is important, it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Local experience is essential, as terrain can vary significantly across different regions. A well-established contractor may charge a bit more, but you’ll get more peace of mind, knowing the business will be around for years to come.

About Steve Brown Rural Contracting
Steve Brown Rural Contracting is a well-respected member of the fencing community in North Canterbury and has many years of successful fencing projects to his name. Steve offers a range of rural fencing services, including farm and lifestyle fencing, post and rail, Taege post driving and irrigation.
SBRC are happy to provide references and can put you in touch with previous customers for unbiased feedback. SBRC also has a Facebook page where you can see examples of prior work and videos of our fencing techniques. Contact Steve for a no-obligation quote.
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Media Release 30 March 2020.