Reviewboost NZ Waiving Fees During Coronavirus Lockdown


The coronavirus pandemic has affected families and businesses across the whole of New Zealand, and even more so now that the country is in a level 4 lockdown.

The lockdown means that all non-essential businesses must be closed and people are encouraged to stay inside their homes unless they are visiting an essential business such as the supermarket or hospital or going to do some exercise.

Some of the hardest-hit businesses have been those in the hospitality, retail and other customer service industries who rely on people walking through their doors for a meal, haircut or some new clothes.

To help businesses ease the burden at this unsettling time in mandatory lockdown, Reviewboost NZ will not be charging its clients any fees for as long as the lockdown continues.

Our most popular option is the ‘kiosk’ service, which invites customers to give a review while they are on the premises. This particularly suits businesses whose customer base are largely walk ins.

“Walk in businesses such as restaurants, bars and hair salons have been some of the worst affected and we want to help relieve the pressure on them while they have to stay closed. This is why we are waiving all fees during the coronavirus lockdown period,” says Reviewboost NZ managing director David McEwen.

Reviewboost is an automated system designed to help businesses encourage client reviews on up to 100 major sites including TradeMe, Facebook and Google. The Reviewboost system gathers comments from all the platforms into one place for business owners and managers to find out what customers like and dislike about their service. This will help them to retain customers, increase profit and improve their online profile.


Media Release 30 March 2020.