French-speaking tourist drivers safer using free online driving test

( Self-drive holidaymakers from French-speaking countries can now take a free online Road Code quiz in French to test their knowledge of New Zealand’s road rules. The quiz contains a subset of questions from the New Zealand learner licence exam highlighting the most important rules that drivers unfamiliar with driving on the left-hand side of the road need to know.

“Offering French allows the more than 70,000 annual visitors from France and some of the more than 50,000 Canadian visitors to familiarise themselves with our road rules in their preferred language,” said Darren Cottingham, director of “French is also spoken by many people from Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and twenty-six African countries.”

Rental vehicle operators can reduce the amount of time it takes to familiarise their clients with the road rules by simply directing their clients to the free quizzes. Ignorance of road rules is frequently cited by police and government agencies as a cause of traffic accidents among tourist drivers, particularly awareness of compulsory stop signs, the meaning of a solid yellow line (no overtaking) and where it’s safe to stop to take photographs.

“With our language selection of English, German, Chinese, Spanish and French, over 2 million of the three million yearly visitors to New Zealand can now learn the road rules in the comfort of their home before arriving here on holiday.”

The tourist driving quizzes are available at no cost at is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Founded in 2010, it currently helps over 55,000 people per month study for their car, motorbike and heavy vehicle learner licence. Its tourist-focused quiz is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese.

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