Buying & Selling Property Online – leaving lawyers meetings in the past

( We live in a connected world. A world where you can order a pizza on your phone, download a book to a tablet and purchase almost anything with a click. It’s time for the legal industry to step into that world and, with, Langley Twigg Law is hoping to take the first leap.

By removing the need for clients to meet their lawyer in person, conveyonline shaves dollars off property transaction cost and lets the online generation transact in the format they are most comfortable. It is quick, easy and completely transparent, with no credit cards needed and a guaranteed response with 24 hours.

conveyonline not only saves the consumer time, it breaks the shackles of location. Up until now, those living in big centres such as Auckland have been restricted in using Auckland law firms…with Auckland rates & fees. The reality is that a firm practicing in the big cities has big overheads…that means higher rates for the exact same product as the provinces. Now, while customers will still end up paying big city prices for their houses, they no longer have to stomach an extra large legal fee on top of that. Langley Twigg Law completes all the transactions for conveyonline, and, being a nationally recognised member of LawLink, they are extremely good at what they do. By being based in Hawkes Bay they offer a premium service without the premium price tag.

Upload, transact, enjoy. Property transactions just got a whole lot more affordable.

Media Release on 19 January 2016 by conveyonline (a partnership between Langley Twigg Law and 543 Web Ventures)

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