Good Health Viralex® Attack With Epicor® For Winter Wellness

( If you haven’t tried Good Health Viralex® Attack with EpiCor®, you should. Well-known and trusted New Zealand natural health company, Good Health’s Viralex® Attack contains a unique, ground-breaking, natural immune ingredient called EpiCor® which starts working in just 2 hours!

Clinically researched across multiple international studies, fast acting EpiCor®, helps to quickly strengthen the body’s defences by increasing antioxidant protection and supporting the immune response. By supporting the body’s ability to initiate the proper immune response, it starts working quickly at the onset of those dreaded winter ills and chills.

Following the success of Viralex® Attack with clinically researched EpiCor®, Good Health have just launched a new product to their Viralex range; Viralex® Soothe EpiCor® Throat Lozenges, which contain the same immune strengthening ingredient EpiCor®. All natural and fast acting, these lozenges are a must have as we head into winter. They not only soothe the throat but also help to clear the airways and come individually wrapped for convenience.

Good Health Viralex® Attack is available now in leading pharmacies, health stores and online and is suitable for both adults and children. Available in three pack sizes; a convenient, handbag sized, 10 capsule pack (RRP: $12.99), 30 capsule pack (RRP: $28.90) and 60 capsule pack (RRP: $49.90).

Good Health Viralex® Soothe EpiCor® Throat Lozenges are available in leading pharmacies, health stores and online in convenient packs of 20 individually wrapped lozenges (RRP: $14.90).

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Media Release on 3 June 2016

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