Stormwater360 celebrates 20 years in business

( The brainchild of Greg Yeoman and Mike Hannah, Stormwater360 was established in 1996 with the dual purpose of creating sustainable solutions for reducing the environmental impact of stormwater runoff, and making the public better informed on the issue.

“It has been challenging working in a relatively new field, but we have made great progress and seen a huge increase in awareness of stormwater pollution over the years. Cost- and performance-wise, responsible stormwater practices have come a long way since we first started out,” managing director Mike Hannah says.

Stormwater360 co-founder and director Greg Yeoman says with a growing population the management of stormwater runoff is an area under increasing pressure, and the importance of clean water is a becoming a critical issue.

“There is a global shortage of fresh water, so we will do whatever we can do to assist with this problem. We are constantly looking for new solutions.

“Over the past 20 years, as we’ve gained a better understanding of stormwater and the impact that it has on our environment, we have had to adapt regularly to deliver improved solutions. That’s where our green technologies like green roofs also come into the mix,” he says.

The company celebrates the anniversary with the general release of a new product, LittaTrap. Developed in response to the global issue of plastic pollution in the ocean, LittaTrap is designed for installation in storm-drains to prevent plastics and rubbish from entering the drains and contaminating connected streams and oceans.

“It is a cheap and effective solution and anyone can look after it. It’s a no-brainer,” says Greg Yeoman.

LittaTrap is one of a number of stormwater management products developed by Stormwater360 over the past two decades. The company, which now has operations across New Zealand and Australia, also has expanded their solutions to include popular green infrastructure products.

The company’s earliest innovation was a stormwater drain filter known as the EnviroPod, which uses a catchpit insert with mesh screens to filter rubbish, sediment and pollutants entering the storm-drain system. The subterranean EnviroPod remains a popular product and has been installed in Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney and a number of other major cities. In February 2016, Stormwater360 partnered with Humes Pipeline Systems to increase the distribution of its stormwater solutions throughout New Zealand.

Later this year, the company plans to expand its business further across Australia, and into Southeast Asia. The USA and Canadian markets are also in sight for the New Zealand innovator.

Media Release on 18 May 2016 by Stormwater360

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