Guitar Tales Across Borders: A journey of Two Guitarists

Prepare to be transported on a mesmerizing journey of sound, culture, and storytelling as “Guitar Tales Across Borders” unfolds at The Titirangi Theatre on October 15, 2023. Presented by the Perfectum Events, this extraordinary musical event will feature the exceptional talents of Ismail Davids and Ricky de Medeiros.

Breaking Boundaries Through Music
Step into a world where melodies transcend continents and stories are woven through strings. ‘Guitar Tales Across Borders’ isn’t just a performance; it’s an immersive experience that bridges the gap between cultures and genres. Ismail Davids, a masterful guitarist born into diverse heritage and raised across the globe, and soulful Gypsy singer, joins forces with Ricky de Medeiros, a musical virtuoso hailing from Brazil.

A Fusion of Melodies and Narratives
Picture captivating guitar melodies infused with Spanish Flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Arabic rhythms. Imagine soulful vocals that traverse languages and cultures, connecting hearts with their authenticity. This is the essence of “Guitar Tales Across Borders,” a journey of musical exploration and storytelling that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Unveiling the Artists
Ricky de Medeiros effortlessly fuses Bossa Nova, classical guitar fingerstyle, Latin grooves, and flamenco techniques. His stage presence, enriched by collaborations with Latin Grammy Award Winners, creates an enchanting spectacle.
Ismail Davids, with his Spanish guitar strings and evocative voice, crafts a symphony of cultural fusion and raw emotion. His mastery spans genres, from Spanish Flamenco to Afro-Cuban rhythms, leaving an indelible mark.
“We wanted to create a show that celebrates the diversity and richness of music from different parts of the world,” says Ismail Davids. “We hope to inspire our audience with our stories and songs that reflect our passion and heritage.”
Ricky de Medeiros adds: “We are very excited to share our musical journey with the people of Auckland. We believe that music can bring people together and create harmony across borders.

A Night to Remember
As the curtains rise at The Titirangi Theatre, Auckland, on 27 September 2023, “Guitar Tales Across Borders” will come alive. Audiences will witness the interplay of melodies, stories, and artistry that transcends boundaries, echoing in hearts long after the final notes.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience a captivating musical journey that fuses cultures and harmonies.

Event Details:
Title: Guitar Tales Across Borders
Date: 27 September 2023
Time: 7.00-9pm
Venue: The Titirangi Theatre, Auckland
Tickets and Information: or Eventbrite