I Hate My Job…

(PR.co.nz) It’s estimated that 67 percent of New Zealand employees go to work everyday disengaged and this is having a dramatic effect on business performance, growth opportunities and profitability. When you read the numbers it becomes very clear why very few organisations are delivering a consistently high quality customer experience and why there is a lack of creativity and an even bigger gap between New Zealand’s productivity performance and the rest of the OECD.

The challenge in today’s ecomomy for most organisations is –

1) To have the ability to answer my initial question accurately
2) To ensure that they have a strategic approach in place to continually improve employee engagement

When you take a look at the benefits of high employee engagement, the question needs to be asked as to why more effort is not going into improving this vital area of business.

The following results from a Right Management report-

Companies with a high rate of employee engagement –

• Have on average 29% more revenue
• 56% more likely to have above average customer loyalty
• 50% higher productivity
• 33% more profitable
• 44% higher employee retention rates

And from a customer experience perspective engaged employees are 4 times more likely to have a good understanding of customers needs

For the first time New Zealand business has available to it a powerful resource in the form of a “holistic approach to gaining and acting on employee and customer feedback” in a way that will have a dramatic impact on a businesses growth and profitability.

Chris Bell – Customer Experiences and Ray Sleeman from The Tourism & Leisure Group have pooled their knowledge, expertise and resources to develop “Customer Experience Tracker”.

The Customer Experience Tracker is a toolkit that allows businesses to easily gain an accurate evaluation of how their customers feel about their customer experience performance and how employees feel about their workplace.
Customer Experience Tracker includes an ongoing strategic approach to continually improve a company’s customer service experience resulting in greater customer loyalty, word of mouth recommendation, a reduction in operating costs an increase in employee engagement, improved productivity and ultimately a more profitable and valuable business.

The Customer Experience Tracker has been made possible due to the development of an international model called Net Promoter Score© used by a number of high profile overseas organisations in the airline, car rental, tourism, and medical industries and includes e-commerce based leaders like Amazon.com and e-bay and a number of New Zealand company’s including Air NZ and Westpac bank.

To fully capitalise on The Customer Experience Tracker necessitates a change in a businesses focus, both from a leadership perspective and in the way employees and customers are prioritised. Let’s be very clear – “employees will never deliver a consistent high quality customer experience unless they are having the same”, so putting your people first must be a priority.

Media Release 16 August 2010 from Customer Experiences.