Hats You Can Hear! Brand New to New Zealand

(PR.co.nz ) Tooks hats are the perfect companion to your iPod, iPhone, cell phone, or other favourite MP3 player and can be used for just about any activity where you listen to music – skiing, snowboarding, running, boating, fishing. Tooks also make great promotional items for businesses and are very popular as personal gifts.

The innovative hat features compact size removable headphones that are engineered for superior sound quality in a slim package design. The fact that they’re removable also allows the headwear to be washed. The headphones are inserted into the inner layers of fabric hidden from view and can be adjusted to fit directly over the ears. Unlike the earplug styles which tend to block hearing completely, Tooks headphones allow some ambient sound to be heard, for instance while skiing, biking, or at a sporting event.

The revolutionary idea for Tooks was developed in 2005, creating a crossover niche between fashionable apparel and the ever-growing portable electronics market. Tooks make the perfect audio accessory for sport enthusiasts or music lovers alike, combining style and comfort. Tooks International gives back in a variety of ways including youth and athlete sponsorships, charity donations, and the use of eco-friendly material in its product packaging and shipping containers. If you’re wondering how Tooks got its name, pronounced like the number 2, it’s derived from the French-Canadian word for a beanie hat which is “tuque” or “touque.” The Tooks logo is a stylized version of a backwards musical note, and the word itself interestingly hints at the word “tunes.”

Available exclusively from Giftbob.co.nz is the Vizor for $52.00 incl GST – an all-season 100% acrylic beanie available in 4 colours: black, olive, grey and white.

A great gift for any occasion including Father’s Day.

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Media Release 29 July 2010 from www.giftbob.co.nz