The Lightcap – A Water Bottle With a Solar Light!

( Keep a LightCap filled with fresh water and you’ll always have water AND an emergency light. The LightCap stays bright no matter what the weather: you’ll never sit in the dark again.

• Fill it with your favourite drink and never worry about finding it in the dark again.
• Set it on your table for a sturdy light that won’t blow out in the wind.
• Use it in your campsite for reading or near the stove for cooking.
• Hang the LightCap anywhere you need light from the built-in cap retaining ring.
• Store valuables in it – it’s also a floating, water-tight container.

With just a four-hour charge of sunshine the LightCap will stay bright for hours and the internal rechargeable Ni-Cad system will last at least 500 cycles. The LEDs are guaranteed for 50,000 hours and the solar charging system is totally sealed: no batteries to replace, no bulbs to burn out. The watertight switch activates between the bright white LED bulb (bright enough for reading) or red (preserves your night vision), or you can switch it off altogether to conserve power. There’s even a light sensor on top that turns the light off in the day if you accidentally leave it on.

The narrow-waist bottle makes it easy to grip with cold, wet or small hands and you can lay it on its side and it won’t roll off the table. You can even aim the bottom of the bottle outward and use it as a flashlight. Unlike all the other water bottles available, bottle opening is exactly the right size to drink from without dribbling (just compare it to a common drinking glass). The wide mouth also makes it easy to mix drinks in, clean, dry, and fill with anything you want to keep dry and safe.

The LightCap is made from super-tough polycarbonate—it won’t break or pick up unwanted flavours or smells. With a LightCap you won’t have to worry about dead or corroded flashlight batteries. Perfect for boats, rafts, kayaks, or keeping with your emergency supplies at home or in your car. And kids love them!

Use your LightCap as a drink shaker or container for mixers or ice: the wide mouth makes it easy to add ingredients and pour. The LightCap makes the perfect addition to your caravan, campsite or holiday house: it’s the best water bottle ever made AND a solar powered lantern as well.

A great gift for Father’s Day, Christmas and for any outdoorsy adult or child’s birthday.

Available exclusively in New Zealand from Giftbob Limited, for just $59.90 incl GST


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