Hettich Expands AvanTech YOU Range

This month globally recognised cabinetry hardware supplier Hettich marks the continuation of the release of its latest product, the Avantech YOU drawer system.

The thin-walled drawer was first made available to New Zealanders late 2020, with this June seeing the number of system components grow to include some spectacular new design elements.

Known as Design Profiles and DesignCapes, these drawer customisations have been designed in acknowledgement of growing consumer trend toward bespoke and personalised experiences.

Where Design Profiles are strips of colour fixed to the top of a drawer side adding a colourful accent when opening and closing a drawer, DesignCapes are fixed overtop of the existing drawer side to completely change the outside colour of the drawers.

The range also now includes Inlay drawer sides and fronts, which allow for changing materials in the fronts and sides of drawers. These design adjustments are commonly seen in pantry drawers in favour of wire baskets, allowing the homeowner to see the drawers contents easily.

Hettich New Zealand’s Managing Director Rob Deed expects AvanTech YOU to cater expertly to the expectations of consumers.

“More than ever, we are seeing recognition and reward for interior design that is bespoke to the stories and lifestyles of those that live in the space. An increased demand for something special requires more creativity in material and colour use, and designers, manufacturers and craftspeople need products than can deliver this without unnecessary cost,” says Deed.

“AvanTech YOU is the perfect product to meet this need. The Design Profile, DesignCape and custom inlay elements allow creativity down to the tiniest details in kitchen, bathroom and living space design.”

Available in a handful of trend-led colours, Design Profiles or DesignCapes can also be custom coloured, creating an unimaginable number of choices for drawer selection.

Design Profiles for AvanTech YOU are available in Walnut, Oak, Chrome, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

DesignCapes are available in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Oak, Hammerblow Copper and Concrete. The copper, oak and concrete DesignCapes are textured for maximum aesthetic impact and realism.

AvanTech YOU is currently available in New Zealand and in all major CAD softwares.

Media Release 23 June 2021.