Hyper Drive booming ahead in mobile business

(PR.co.nz) Online retailer ‘Hyper group’ has reported a surge in new business as it benefits from the trend for consumers to shop for an ever expanding range of products online.

The Hyper Group business said it has recorded a steep increase in sales from new customers, primarily in it’s Hyper Drive business. Four out of five of the new customers recruited in recent months were people who had never bought tyres online before.

Sales are understood to be up significantly year on year.

The company said its experience suggests tyre retailing is transforming from the traditionally lagged online adoption in other sectors like travel and banking as it now makes the offer so easy.

The shift may reflect the increasing popularity of the mobile phone as a tool that allows people to shop when and where they want. Almost half the people visiting the company’s website site recently have been doing so via mobile devices.

Owner and Managing Director Simon Furness says “We have been spending a lot of money on the infrastructure around our mobile site as people are so time poor these days that they take any minute they can to organise things through their mobile device. Its the way of the future and we have had to move with the times quickly”.

“Customers are now buying tyres while they are watching their favourite show on Netflix. There is no reason to spend an hour ringing around getting prices then booking in your car to get tyres fitted. Its all done online through a very easy process. Its convenient for them too. They can buy tyres online and get them fitted anywhere in NZ. We had one customer recently who bought them online then got them fitted down the road from his bach where he was for the weekend – easy and convenient”.

Hyper Drive is a 100% kiwi owned business which works with over 200 independent garages throughout the country which are able to fit tyres that their customers order.

Media Release on 10 March 2017 by Hyper Drive

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