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Inside Out Project Taupo Event Day Friday 14th October

( Set to Paste Up!

th’ink & ARTIVIST : creative are now preparing for the paste up event on the 14th October 2011 in the Taupo CBD… the location will be revealed soon as consideration is being made for the fantastic support from the Taupo Library & Museum & the various individual artists & administrators involved in the project.

The event will be in a high profile public place in the CBD & which at this stage it has been decided to keep under wraps… the day of Friday 14th October will spent arranging & preparing the site until mid afternoon when a DJ & BBQ will become part of the process of inclusive public art that the project presents.

The event has been independently underwritten due to a lack of support local & therefore an assumption that financial support would be even more difficult. th’ink media is now accepting donations for the Inside Out Project to ensure the success of the project & to consider a phase #2 in the new year.

“We [arts company th’ink meda] decided to pay costs of the project from our own pockets” says IOPTaupo Producer Audrey Holyoake “there are standard costs of $US20 per participant & we had 50 take part… that plus our time & resources & the costs to us are still reasonable – around $2500, considering the fact Taupo is included in such a massive & significant project”. The hope was to have half of the costs funded by local arts or institutions.

“We made direct approach to local ‘arts’ institutions & organisations in the region for support on locations, funding & even simple resources & were rejected or given the run around… we had to keep positive so we’ve carried on” says Producer JoFF Rae “there has been a far higher understanding of the event & its implications in Auckland & Christchurch… it does not surprise me that Taupo is not prepared for this sort of event & chooses to remain with a more conservative approach to arts – in fact the situation is indicative of a local attitude we are familiar with as content producers from Taupo”

“However” continues JoFF “because of the nature of the projects we are involved in we expect & enjoy the rejection of our art from the ‘establishment’… this is not new to us but we are finding that the general public are changing their perception of public art, graff’ & installation.”

Media Release 7 September 2011.



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