Introducing The Voyagerblue Contactless Card Shield

( Trojan Security Group is pleased to announce they have been appointed as the Exclusive Distributor in New Zealand for the VoyagerBlue range of products.


All of your contactless devices contain a chip and antenna embedded in the body of the device, which is activated when brought into the proximity of a reading device. The majority of contactless devices operate on a frequency of 13.56MHz, consistent with the ISO/IEC 14443 standard. Although this provides an activation distance of approximately 10cm (4ins), this depends on factors including the power within the receiver and size of antenna. Read distances in excess of 1m have been achieved, and up to 10m reported to be theoretically feasible.

Other shielding options effectively “wrap” the chip in a protective material, completely preventing access to the antenna; solutions include wallets and the use of foil which is effective, but often impractical. Our shield has proven to work when covering contactless devices, and is less intrusive than individual “pockets” for each card / passport, or complete shielding wallets which limit flexibility. The contactless device can be made active by separating the card and shield.

Credit Card Shield

Patented design protects payment and I.D. cards from unwanted attempts to read data. Suitable for use with all contactless credit card sized devices operating at 13.56MHz.

Low cost, but exceptionally high value – what value do you put on YOUR identity and data?

Media Release on 10 February 2014

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