Kiwi Researcher Uncovers Fundamental Structure of Universe

( Kiwi independent researcher Frank Cadenza claims he has formulated a theory behind what must be one of the most far reaching scientific discoveries of the last one hundred years.

“Not since Albert Einstein released his General Theory of Relativity in 1915 have we seen such a profound development in scientific thinking. This is a game changer,” says Frank.

Frank Cadenza is a retired 68 year old former Information Technology consultant with a Batchelor of Science degree from Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in pure and applied mathematics. He claims to have spent thousands of hours in researching recent developments and scientific discoveries and piecing them together in a coherent, understandable manner.

“The results will stun everyone,” he states. “I have had the time since retirement to accomplish this feat. It is something I could not possibly have contemplated when working at a career.”

Frank Cadenza’s Theory of the Cosmic Flux provides new insights into the fabric and inner workings of our universe. These insights explain a lot of cosmological phenomena that have remained until now largely speculative and unproven. That has now changed with the Theory of the Cosmic Flux. It explains the energy of the Big Bang, the event that began our universe 13.8 billion years ago. It provides a completely new view on the nature of gravity. It provides alternative explanations for the observed red shift of distant galaxies and stars. It provides different explanations for gravitational mass and inertial mass. It also establishes for possibly the first time that the speed of light is not the fixed constant we now know as nearly 3 x 10^8 metres per second but is a speed that varies with the Cosmic Flux density. The theory also explains why light waves and gravitational waves travel at the same speed.

“If this sounds all too esoteric, it isn’t”, says Frank. “There is an energy of the Cosmic Flux just waiting for us to exploit. This energy source is environmentally friendly, uses no earthly natural resources, produces no pollutants and is entirely green. It’s inexhaustible”, claims Frank, and then jokingly adds, “But it may actually run out in a few trillion years.”

“There is also a property of the Cosmic Flux we can exploit with electromagnetic effects that can propel us to distant stars and beyond, not in tens of thousands of years as been hitherto thought, but in much more realistic timeframes. Within the next few decades we may be able to travel to distant worlds, and return to the same world we left, in the time it now takes to fly to and relax at a distant holiday destination here on Earth. Cosmic tourism could become the next big growth industry.”

There is more information on Frank’s web site:

Media Release 18 September 2018.