Airbnb for Wedding Venues

( Backyard Weddings is the first trusted community-based peer-to-peer platform for people to list and discover unique, privately owned weddings around New Zealand and Australia. Our main focus for Backyard Weddings is for everyday people to make money from their own backyard, listing their private spaces and properties for hire, while on the other hand, giving everyday engaged couples the opportunity to book more affordable, more customisable venues.

Backyard Weddings was founded by Tamarin Vermeer, after her hunt for privately owned wedding venues came up short. With this idea came Backyard Weddings, in the hope that future engaged couples would have access to this niche market, bringing down the cost of weddings.

With a competitive pricing structure, we have given the control back to venue owners. We don’t take a cut of the venue hire charge, we rather charge our listers a one-off fee per year. As part of this, we promote our venues extensively through multiple social channels, including Instagram and Facebook. To give our venues the best shot possible at getting bookings. We have a blog section on our website outlining ways to improve their businesses and offerings and we are always available to help venues with council, insurance or contract questions.

Backyard Weddings is also designed for venue hunters. It doesn’t cost to sign up, and those searching for venues get in touch with venue owners directly. This eliminates a middle man, and gives direct access to our expansive offering in a simple way. We currently have venues from the top of New Zealand, all the way down to the bottom — and everywhere in between.

We launched in Australia last month and already have over 30 privately owned wedding venues listed!

Backyard Weddings has changed how our owners live, giving them extra income they never thought possible, while also having the ability to pick and choose when they want their venue occupied. We’ve got so many success stories, and if you have time, we would love to share that with you.

Media Release 18 September 2018.